Sunday, November 8, 2009

Cover Letter for Human Resources Officer

Dear Mr. Pellington,

With reference to your advertisement in the Jobsville Newsletter, I am interested in applying for the position of Human Resources Officer for the state of Delaware.

As a headhunter myself, I know how difficult it is to review and consider over a hundred applications in order to determine the best person for the job. Let me ease your task by stepping up as a potential candidate.

I have been working in Flaherty Resources Inc. the largest recruitment firm in Iowa. I have developed and implemented the Personnel Policies and Recruitment Manual of the firm which yields applications from the top-rank and most committed professionals in three states.

I also administer health and welfare benefits of 2,000 employees which includes dental, disability, maternity, life, compensations and pensions. Overall, I am a ten-year generalist in Human Resources.

I also have a masteral degree in Administrative Management. My computer skills include MS Office softwares such Word, Excel and Access. I also have experience with custom applicant tracking programs and updating recruitment databases.

I believe that we both would benefit from a personal interview. I would interested in knowing the requirements of your company, and I could answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to meeting and talking with you.

Best Regards,
Thomas Jay Mann 

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