Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cover Letter for Gardener

A Sample Cover Letter for a Gardener, landscape artist, horticulture specialist or for general gardening Jobs. For anyone who loves plants and has a nurturing green thumb, this is a good cover letter for a career in horticulture.

Dear Mr. Kensington,

Let me help you build a new garden and improve the value of your property.

As a gardener with 20 years experience in landscaping, agriculture and horticulture. Improving one's property through aesthetic gardening is one of my core beliefs.

I grew up in the sunny countryside of Marsdale, where I've learned from my family how to cultivate grapes, roses, orchids, olives and fruit bearing trees among other things.

I also worked as Head Gardener for the Barstow Manor, an estate with acres of lush green. Of which, my tasks were to prune hedges, mow lawns, maintain the tennis courts and mini-golf areas. I also cultivated the vegetable and potted herbs in the greenhouse next to the manor's kitchen.

I am devoted to gardening, soil care and nursing plants. I believe in using organic fertilizers, I am not fond of using harsh chemicals or pesticides unless there is an event of extreme infestation. As a gardener, I am hardworking and highly motivated. I have a cheerful disposition and a great love for plants and as well for animals or pets.

If my skills interest you, please respond by email to or call me 555-897-800.

Thank you very much

Best Regards,
Cecilio Demetriou

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