Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cover Letter for Editorial Internship

A Sample Cover Letter for an Editorial Internship for a magazine.

Dear Miss Priestly,

I am student at the Milan Fashion Institute, beginning my senior year. My area of concentration in my major is fashion styling and photography.

Magazine publishing has been of interest to me ever since I read Visage magazine's take on Fashion and Fairtrade which was published 3 years ago. Since then I have avidly followed each issue- your key fashion editorials for the season being the most inspiring. I believe Visage is one of the leading and highly respected magazines in the industry and I would like to experience being a part of it.  

I am especially interested in your Editorial Internship programme for the magazine production cycle of February to April. I have exceptional writing and editing skills with experience in fact-checking and copyediting articles. I am proficient with computer programs as I can do internet research and social networking online. I am energetic, diligent and enthusiastic. Attached are my writing samples and my references for your review.

I will contact your office in a week to confirm your receipt of my application.

Thank you very much.


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