Monday, March 7, 2011

Cover Letter for Janitor

A sample cover letter for a maintenance job such as a janitor position, night time janitor, school janitor, maintenance cleaner and custodian.

Dear Human Resources Manager,

I am Kirk Kendall and I am seeking a maintenance position at your facility. I have worked as a janitor at the 3rd District Wallace High School for over 10 years.

My main duties are to clean all general areas of the school which includes daily trash disposal, wiping windows, polishing desks, dusting and vacuuming carpeted surfaces, sanitizing telephones, also sweeping and mopping halls. I also do spot cleaning of stains, accidental spills, messes and vomits.

I am responsible for all cleaning equipment and inventory of supplies such as brooms, cleansers, scrapers, spray bottles, brushes, ladders, dust mops and wet mops.

I am eligible for work in the United States, I have the necessary permit and visa. I am willing to undergo a detailed background check and the required drug screen for the job if needed.

I hope to hear from you soon that I may share more of what I can offer. You may reach me at 555-782638.

Thank you very much


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nice sample Cover Letter for Janitor,

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