Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cover Letter for Project Manager or Foreman

Dear Ma'am,

My name is George Foreman, I am a Project/Senior Site Manager with over 12 Years Experience. I have worked for 3 leading Construction Companies in North Bay as a Senior Site Manager and Project Manager on Commercial and Industrial projects.

My Key Responsiblities in projects include:

Pre Construction Phase:

* Communication coordination
* Financial control
* Contractor Appointments

Construction Phase:

* Working hand in hand with contractors
* Site coordination
* Site control
* Off-site control

I am good with liaising with clients, consultants, subcontractors, local authorities, suppliers and fellow team members. I am a good performer as an individual as well as a team member. I can ensure a high level of health and safety on projects. I have strong organizational skills and I am well conversant with different computer programmes.

I'm looking for a vacancy as a Foreman, Site Manager or Project Manager in the South Bay. My colleage Raymond Leonard referred me to your manpower company, he has mentioned that your company are filling in key positions for an upcoming construction project. I would like to be considered for your next recruitment cycle.

Attached is my CV and references for your review. If you are interested please contact 555-5552 so we can arrange for an interview.

Thank you very much


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