Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cover Letter Pet Care Sitter

Another unique cover letter for a Pet Care Sitter, particularly if the situation requires long months with the pet.

Dear Ma'am,

I heard from my neighbor Dan that you will be needing a Pet Caregiver in the next few months. He informed me that you are unable to take your dog Fifi to Denver and that she is a dog with special dietary needs.

As most of my employers go overseas for assignments, I am very used to such arrangements such as taking care of housepets for long durations. I also make it a point that your pet will remember you as their true owner even if you are away. Through my years of pet sitting experience, I have personally mastered several techniques that would keep your presence active in your pet's life. We may discuss my methods further if you like to meet up to discuss the possibility of an arrangement.

I am a very compassionate and reliable individual. I also have professional animal care training at Cubbs Kennels which involves treating, feeding and caring for injured animals. You may also consult Mr. Dan regarding the quality of my pet sitting services as I also take care of his cat Snooders when he is out of town.

If my services are of interest to you, please call me for a consultation at 555-7868-4360

Thank you very much

Patsy Owens
Pet Caregiver

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