Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cover Letter for an Actor

A sample coverletter for an actor, performer, theater actor, thespian or extra- outlining all his roles and acting projects. A good starting point in seeking out acting jobs in the entertainment and production industry.

Dear Casting Director,

I'm Mark Cabot.

Through Logan Meyers, a producer whom I met on the set of the film FastLanes, I was informed that you are currently casting for a 30 year-old biracial male who can play the part of an Irish loan shark. I hope you would allow me a chance to come for an audition.

I first pursued my acting interests under auteur Louis Dallas who inspired me to take this discipline to a whole new level. As I decided to study theater at the University of Belmonte, I became part of the Dramaturgy Society of which I was given considerable roles in a number of their Shakespearean plays- The Merchant of Venice, Othello and Romeo & Juliet. These experiences, both from theater and production, taught me patience, dedication and versatility. It made me appreciate my passion for the arts, and more than anything it gave me the bearing I needed as an actor.

Over the next few years, I auditioned earnestly and gain significant character roles in independent features (Lost Knight, This Life Alone and Taxidermy Dreamboat). Today, I am a professional actor with an active career television (The Cable Show, Thursday Nights Off, NCMIS: Victims & Lawyers) and stints in regional theater (The Montagne Musicale Theatre and the Feyton Improv Guild). I am a Union and SAG member for over 4 years. Attached is my filmmography.

I have great respect for this industry and in return, I offer my professionalism, talent and punctuality. If you believe, there is a role I could embody, I am available for screen tests and readings. Do give my agent, Dick Lucas from the DNM Agency - a call.

I sincerely look forward in meeting you.

All the best,
Mark Cabot

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cover Letter for Wedding Singer

A sample sales Cover Letter for a Wedding Singer pitching his services to a potential bride and groom. The singer's coverletter outlines his vocal range, skills as a host and his rates. The coverletter is also informal and friendly.

Dear Bride and Groom,

My name is Jesse Haughtness. I am the suave and romantic bachelor who loves to sing at weddings.

If you are you looking for a wedding singer who can serenade you on the most important day of your life, search no more- I am the perfect person for the job. I have the vocal range and stylings that will set the festive mood for your celebration. I am very keen in making your guests feel very entertained at the reception.

I am comfortable singing all kinds of musical genre:

• Church Wedding Music
• Love Songs
• Folk Songs
• Ballads
• Show Band Music
• Wedding Dance Music

My rate will is $20 per song or $200 which is 12-15 songs per event. I can also recommend a show band or other instrumental accompaniment (harp, bagpipe, flute, violin) you may need for your wedding.Please refer to my demo CD or my website for my wedding playlist. I also do event hosting as part of my package rates such as initiating a toast, introducing a dance or well wishes for the bride & groom.

Should my services interest you, please give me a call at 664-898-900. All scheduled weddings for June should be booked at least three months early.

Nevertheless, I wish you happiness and great songs on your wedding day!

All the best,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nanny Cover Letter

A sample coverletter for a nanny, governess, child care expert or aupair

Dear Madame,

I am a Nanny who has been solely in charge of three children on a daily basis. Looking after children of different ages is not a job for the faint-hearted. My 10 years experience in childrearing has allowed me to build up a great reservoir of resilience, patience and energy which has resulted in a stable and comforting
environment for the children I care for.

Due to the recent divorce of my employers, the children are being sent to their respective boarding schools. Sadly, I have been given noticed to search for other job opportunities. Mrs. Whitford, of whom you know as a teacher at St. Agnes, has referred me of your need for a full-time nanny.

I am skilled in cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing clutter and tending to children's need at home and school. I respect any employer's stance on parenting as I have encountered are often unique and varied per family. I intend to give the best care I can provide, for the well-being and welfare of the children are my priority.

A brief meeting to discuss your parenting approaches, houserules, boundaries or any concerns would be greatly appreciated. You may call me anytime at 555-920-4370. I look forward to meeting you

Josephine Aubrige

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