Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cover Letter for Phlebotomy Technician

Sample Cover Letter for a Phlebotomy Technician or a blood collection specialist also known as Phlebotomists.

Dear Ma'am,

I am Eva Brown and I began my career as a Certified Medical Assistant, but over the course of my work at St. John's Hospital I have concentrated on Phlebotomy. I have received 3 years of hospital training and 4 years experience collecting specimen samples at various treatment centers. I am now a Certified Phlebotomy Tech 1.

As a resident Phlebotomist of the Durham Testing Center, an HIV clinic for women and children, my main task is performing aseptic venipuncture procedures to obtain venous and capillary blood samples for analysis to be used in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of various diseases.

I am mindful of my work and the medical protocols involved and at the same time, I am a team player, as I have a good working relationship with fellow laboratory staff, nurses and physicians. I am very skilled and more importantly, I enjoy what I do.

I am currently looking for a position in the Los Angeles area. If there are any opportunities available in your recruitment listings please let me know at 555-900-364.

Thank you very much

Eva Brown

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