Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Sample Cover Letters for Interns

Seeking an internship?

An internship is a job training or apprenticeship for a career specific industry. A coveted internship might boost your credibility and give you the skills you need before you even graduate and start your career. To make those industry connections, its quite important you get your internship cover letter right.

Coverletter for Intern
Students looking for internships should prove themselves with a good sample cover letter first.

Cover Letter for Summer Internships
Working hard over the summer doesn't mean just mowing lawns, why not try out for a real job with this summer intern cover letter?

Sample Cover Letter for Intern
New to the working world, customize this intern cover letter and open up more prospects

Cover Letter for Working Student Seeking Internship
Tired of working the fryers and want to try a desk job? Try this internship cover letter

Cover Letter for Credit Intern
A small stint at a finance firm as a credit intern might lead to a very rewarding job later on.

Cover Letter for Editorial Internship
Interested to land an internship at a publishing firm or magazine. Here's the sample cover letter that can land you on the heels of Miranda Priestly.

Cover Letter for Magazine Internship
Get hired and have a fabulous experience being an intern for a magazine publication.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Sample Cover Letter for Caregiver: Senior Care and Elderly Patient Jobs

Do you work and care for Seniors? Adult care specialists also need cover letters to apply for jobs at a nursing home or private facilities.

Dear Mr. Andrews,

My name is Thora Harden, and I am interested in the elderly care assistant vacancy at your facility. I am comfortable caring for the elderly and have good experience relating to their daily needs. I took care of a 93 year-old woman, Mrs. Robertson for 5 years, she had Alzheimer's until her unfortunate passing due to complications from her illness. I do have a proper reference from her family if you need such documentation.

I assisted Mrs. Robertson by meeting her day-to-day needs which consisted of cooking, cleaning, physical therapy, personal hygiene, grooming, bathing and dressing. I also help administer her medication (8 types at intervals and on a strict schedule and proper dosage). There also stringent rules on how to go about her personal care and who to first call during a medical emergency. But I made it a point, in her frail state that Mrs. Robertson was always comfortable and warm.

I am the type of person who has a lot of patience and I treat others the way I would want to be treated, so working with a senior citizen or person with disabilities in anyway, comes naturally to me. I find this line of work to be very rewarding because it focuses on helping others, which is my ideal line of work. I am also single, my family lives in another country and I'm available to work as a live-in caregiver as needed.

If my resume interests you, please give me a call. I am available for an interview at your convenience.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cover Letter for Nurse: Inquiring about Job Vacancy at Hospital

Are you a seasoned nursing professional looking for a cover letter suited to your hospital position. Maybe this is the nursing cover letter for you:

Dear Hospital Human Resources Manager,

My name is Georgia Monroe, a colleague of mine informed me that you are currently understaffed and looking into hiring experienced nurses.

I have worked in the Intensive Care Unit  for 5 years as a head nurse in the emergency ward and as a rotating supervisor.

make timely decisions that directly impact patient care, ensure timely and effective communication and collaboration among departments, and provide operational oversight throughout the hospital.

My presence as a rotating supervisor required on-site coordination, I often handled crisis situations and management of patient/staff cases to minimize any disruption of services and emergency action procedures.I was in charge of reviewing treatment sheets, ensuring signatures and patient entries are completed and fully documented.

I have a bachelor's degree in nursing and I have acquired units in masters in administrative nursing at Saint Patrick's School of Medicine. I have a strong interest to work in hospitals near the South area.

Please let me know if there are staff vacancies for ER nurses over there.

Thank you very much


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