Friday, July 10, 2009

Cover Letter for Pet Sitter

Convincing the pet owner to entrust their precious pooch or kitty can be a real hard task up front. Here's a sample cover letter expressing your honest desire to care for pets.

Hello Pet Owner,

My name is Britney and I am a reliable Pet Sitter. I have adequate experience caring for dogs- large breeds, lap dogs and show dogs. I have received a training certificate from a local dog show breeder specializing in Best-in-Show Poodles. I also volunteer my free hours at a local animal shelter.

I am also capable of handling dogs with special needs which may concern their diet like managing low-shed nutrition meals, vitamins and protein supplements. I also do full service grooming- trims, dematting, wash & brush for proper coat care.

I walk dogs on mornings or on their fixed potty schedules and I responsibly clean up after them (Poop & Scoop) which your neighbors would appreciate.

I am enthusiastic and hard working. I live in the South area, but I can also take jobs up North which would take a 15 minute ride via train.

I am available on weekdays at $20 per hour plus a basic fee of $30 per dog to care for. I can also arrange outdoor weekend walks for your pet (price depends on time and place) and also keep veterinary appointments on schedule.

You may also refer my petsitting services to your friends, so you may avail of my discount rates.

If you're interested to get the best sitter for your pet, please call me at 999-5555.

Thank you

Tandy the Pet Groomer

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