Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cover Letter Applying for a Different Job Position Within the Same Company

Here is a sample cover letter for an employee trying to shift jobs into another department within the same corporation. This is a cover letter appropriate for an employee applying for a higher position or senior level job that is available in another branch or department.

Dear Miss Ruth,

Please accept the attached resume and CV in application for possible opportunities within the company's Vendor and Shipping department. Currently, I am the Linehaul Coordinator at the freight department handling all technical specifications for dispatch and logistics.

I have been with MetroCore for the last 3 years and I have always been the primary troubleshooter, communicator and skilled negotiator for all long-range logistical operations concerning transit shipments.

One of my key strengths is my ability to motivate and direct staff of up to 80-120 hourly employees on time and without fail. You may cross check with the company's tracking systems about the precise work flow I have managed and improved upon.

As I recently came across the inter-department postings about the need for a Vendor Management Supervisor, I would like to submit my application for consideration. I have always been in the lookout for any advancement in opportunities within the company that is in line with my skills, I believe this is such an opportunity and that we should talk. My employment years with MetroCore has always been professionally challenging and rewarding- I can't see myself working anywhere else. I would appreciate a brief meeting at the human resources office soon to discuss any possibilities.

Thank you very much

Ralph Tibault

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