Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Working with Children Cover Letter

A cover letter for a professional caregiver for children, lived-in baby sitter or nanny.

Dear Mrs. Dale,

As a nanny and infant caregiver who has worked for 3 years in a daycare center, I know how very particular parents are about who watches over their children. I understand that caring for a child is a huge responsibility and placing one in my care means a loving parent is placing a huge amount of trust in me. It is something I am honored to do, I am very motherly and I love taking care of children. People know me as a trustworthy, reliable person.

I am a multi-tasker. You can rely on me to do a number of duties within the household. I can also teach personal care routines to a child: brushing teeth, combing hair, trimming nails and dressing properly. I am very patient when it comes to children.

I am seeking long-term commitment with a family. I am very discreet, professional and well-mannered. I have a driver's license and underwent CPR and First-Aid training. I am healthy and of sound mind. Still, I am open to any health testing or screening you may require prior to working in your household.

I have full previous employment references that you can also verify. You may contact me at 555-8970 for an interview. I am very open to meeting you to discuss any concerns you may have.


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cover Letter for Hairdresser

A sample Cover Letter for a Hairdresser or those working in a hair salon environment. Hair experts such as hairstylists, colorists, hair technicians, barbers, beauty stylists, cosmetic experts, cosmetologists, stylists will appreciate this cover letter.

Dear Ma'am,

I am Franny Polsch and I am all about giving extraordinary customer service and great hair! I have passion for what I do and I can do a myriad of hairdressing services.

I have worked at a top celebrity hair salon for 5 years as a hair stylist and colorist, I am used to the long hours standing and providing variety in techniques that salon work demands. I am a colorist who is very good with highlights, Single Process Color, Double Process Color and Corrective Color techniques. As a hairstylist, I am also an expert with roller sets, foils, weaves, perming, digital perms, upstyles and formal & evening styling. When it comes to cuts, I can do modern hair cuts with technical blow dry or combo sets- Cut, Shampoo & Set, Cut & Blowdry, Drycuts. As a hair stylist, I have no problem endorsing and recommending in-house hair products as long as they are of good quality that the clients would appreciate.

I am a natural people person with great communication skills, I enjoy working part of a team and thrive in the positive atmosphere of a hair salon. I would like a chance to talk to you and prove my hair styling skills , please contact me on 05-555-6789.

Thank you very much

Franny Polsch

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cover Letter for Chef

A sample cover letter for a live-out chef, ideal for chefs working for households or dinner parties. Cooks, Chefs, Specialty chefs, part time chefs, live-in chefs or high-end cuisine chefs can find this cover letter useful.

Dear Miss Schelrist

I've heard from a very good friend of mine Chef Lois Cooke that your manor is in need of a live–out chef to oversee your kitchen on weekends. I am very good with preparations for dinner parties and brunches. My specialty lies on international cuisine - French, Italian, Indochine, Japanese, Mediterranean and Indian. Food is my passion and working with spices have always been my first love. I am truly suited for life in the kitchen and I am very willing to discuss any dietary concerns or meal plans you may have in mind for your weekend guests. I am a versatile chef as I have hotel, restaurant and household experience. More importantly, I have my own transport and a valid visa to work in the United Kingdom.

Please see my attached references from previous families, please feel free to contact them about the quality of my cuisine and kitchen service. I am available to start work immediately and I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Chef Tomas

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