Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cover Letter for an Employee Trainer

Dear Sir,

As an Employee Trainer for the past 8 years, orienting a new staff person is one of my most important duties in Fidelis Del Sol. The company is one of the major airline catering suppliers in the Northwest. Providing round-the-clock manpower for food preparation, supply and delivery on major flights.

As part of the logistical process, the quality of training and support a new employee receives during the first few weeks on the job sets the tone for his work experience throughout his stay in the company. A new staff person may have questions with his new role, I am there to help ensure his transition and provide him with adequate support consistent with the company's vision.

My responsibility is to create an open atmosphere of communication with the employees about the company's vision and operations. I believe this is essential in retaining employees and maintaining quality service. Also one of my key tasks is reviewing employee performance and that specific policies and standards are met.

I think you will find me to be a very personable and approachable individual. My skills in dealing with people and experience in worker assistance training should bring in a wealth of new ideas and energy to your firm.

I hope that you will want to meet with me soon to discuss this opportunity. You can reach me via my contact information on my resume

I look forward to an early reply.

The Employee Trainer

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