Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cover letter for Hotel or Kitchen Staff

Dear Sir,

I am interested in pursuing a career in the hotel and restaurant service industry. I am a new graduate from the University of Sarasota under its Hotel and Culinary Program. I have received basic kitchen training for three months as an apprentice and kitchen steward at SushiMax. This internship has allowed me to learn from experienced sushi chefs their various food preparation techniques in handling raw fish meat. The experience has also provided me the opportunity to work under a team under strict guidelines and time limits set by the master chef.

I guarantee you that I am a very passionate and positive individual who dreams to become an experience and well-rounded chef someday.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my skills with you and find out more about your job requirements. I am also open to any training opportunities as a contractual kitchen staff. I am returning to the city from Spring break after April 8, would it be possible to meet then?

Fresh graduate

Cover Letter for Baker or Pastry Maker

Dear Sir,

I am forwarding my curriculum vitae in response to your job advertisement for Bakers. I am Samuel Ronson and I am seeking a new, challenging career with your company.

I have 5 years experience as a baker for an international hotel group. I also have prior kitchen experience in several Food & Beverage companies as a pastry maker and cake decorator.

As a seasoned baker, I am tasked with ensuring that the raw materials from the provision area are new or freshly made. I am also responsible for measurements such as calculating the materials to be used for the shift’s forecast or product quotas or as per by the Sous Chef; Also estimating the correct fermentation time for the finished dough to achieve quality breads after baking.

I understand the basic functions and operation of kitchen machinery with emphasis on the aspect of safety. I am very efficient in preparing equipment which includes:
• Preheating the ovens
• Calibrating the weighing scales
• Checking the working conditions of dough sheeters, proofing cabinets, mechanical roundels.
• Verifying the efficiency of the fridges and mixers (stand or spiral).

I am punctual and reliable. I am able to strictly comply with the recipes and methods as laid down in the recipe books and manuals.

I am enclosing my work references in support of my application. If my qualifications are of interest to you, I can be available for an interview at your convenience. I can be contacted at the 555-2580 or at

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Master Baker

Cover Letter for Baker

Dear Sir:

I was recently made aware of an exciting opportunity with Blue Royale Cruises. I'm Marc MoreVilla and I would like to apply as part of the crew as a COMMIS 2 BAKER or Baker.

I have 12 years experience as a baker for local and sea-faring jobs. My skills include proper mixing, fermentation, scaling, moulding, proofing, baking, cooling and storage of all baked products.

Throughout the years, I have acquired my own personal techniques in creating and kneading dough mixtures. I am also experienced and capable of following strict measurements and recipes under the implemented kitchen standards of the head baker.

My specialities in baking are:

• Croissants(ham and cheese style and crab-like form)
• Danishes (butterfly, pocket and whirlwind)
• Cinnamon rolls
• Muffins (basic to chocolate)
• Hotdog and hamburger buns
• Soft and hard rolls,
• Rye loaf and Authentic Ciabatta loaf
• White and brown loaves
• Scones (chocolate and cranberries)
• Baguettes (white, brown, spiced, 3-seed, 2-seed, multi-grain and dark varieties)
• Doughnuts (ringed, shells or filled, long johns, twisted)

The qualifications above, and those included on my resume, make me highly qualified for this position. I am very interested in speaking with you further about this opportunity. I can be reached at 555-5000. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Applicant for Baker

Cover Letter for Interactive Art Director

Dear Sir:

I have read your job ad via the website and I would like to express my interest in the job. I am currently working with Tangerine Arts, as an Interactive Art Director.

Tangerine Arts is a Production house that handles Corporate Events, Product launching and Audio-Visual Presentations. I have experience in website design, flash scripting, 3D animation and rendering, print lay-outs and pre-press production.

I have also worked before in Singapore for an architectural company that handles 3D Architectural Designs for residential buildings, condominiums and hotels.

Being in the design business for over a decade, I am aptly experienced in project management and development, I am very capable of handling my own design team. With the exposure that I had with my earlier jobs, I was able to enhance my design capabilities and also get introduced to new and advanced software design tools.

Please feel free to view my resume and CV. Should you wish to see more of my sample works, let me know via my contact details.

Thank you and looking forward to your response.

Best Regards,
Applicant- Interactive Art Director

Friday, April 24, 2009

Coverletter for Special Needs Therapist

Coverletter for Day Care specialist mentioning a job referral in her application


Dear Ma'am:

Having worked in two playschools as the resident Special Needs Therapist, I was quite excited to learn from Miss Rita Loos that you have an opening for a Early Childhood and Special Needs Teacher at the Jungle Gym Community of Small Learners. I would very much like to be considered for the position and I feel qualified for several reasons.

According to Miss Loos, you are interested in incorporating educational objectives into play programs. I am not only committed to such an approach but, as my enclosed resume illustrates, I have had the opportunity to be part of such programs. Children, teachers and parents were all enthusiastic about how educational yet captivating these sessions turned out to be, and I thoroughly enjoyed both planning them and working with the children. I am also a degree holder in early childhood and special needs education. I have also cared for and supervised language therapy sessions for children with autism and ADHD.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss these and other experiences with you and to find out more about Jungle Gym. I would like to know more about your teaching objectives and methods. Would it be possible to meet with you some time next week?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Therapist Applicant

Coverletter for Avionics Engineer

Dear Sir or Madam,

This is to express my strong desire to apply at AV Flight Systems as an Avionics Engineer.

I graduated from Chalet University in 1982 with First Class Honours in Physics. Since then have held a number of challenging and increasingly responsible engineering positions in the aerospace industries around Europe. For the previous 17 years I have been working at Sasso Transports in Toulouse as a Consultant developing the Alta Simulation project. A simulation program widely use in the aviation industry today.

As you can see from my Curriculum Vitae: I have over 15 years of wide and comprehensive experience in all aspects of the full software life-cycle of critical embedded real-time Space, Aerospace and Avionics On-Board Flight Software applications, from Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation through to rigorous System and Subsystem Integration and Testing.

I am proficient with modern Software Engineering practices, technologies and associated tools. In particular, I have the necessary abilities, skills and high-integrity to design and implement large-scale critical real-time software systems to the highest quality standards, specialising in the use of Ada using object-oriented methods (HOOD, OOA, OOD, UML, CORBA and others). My primary experience is with Ada, from the language's introduction in the 1980s (the version now known as Ada83) through Ada95 and continuing to the present day.

After you have reviewed qualifications, I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you for an interview. I am available at your convenience, but Fridays are best for me. I am eager to talk with you soon about a career with your company.

Kind Regards,
Avionics applicant

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cover Letter for Accountant or Bookkeeper

To Whom It May Concern,

I am looking for opportunities to expand on my accounting knowledge in a real-world environment. I am currently nearing my graduation for an accounting degree at Red State College. I have a very flexible schedule right now and I am available for part time work to do auditing and bookkeeping tasks. I also do taxes, operational costing and budget forecasts.

I am a highly motivated individual and an avid learner, with a keen interest in accounting and it's related tenets. Not only do I hope to learn more from working in the finance sector, I am also sincere in my desire to perform to the best of my abilities.

Please email or call me for a CV.

Kind regards,
Young Accountant

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cover Letter for an Employee Trainer

Dear Sir,

As an Employee Trainer for the past 8 years, orienting a new staff person is one of my most important duties in Fidelis Del Sol. The company is one of the major airline catering suppliers in the Northwest. Providing round-the-clock manpower for food preparation, supply and delivery on major flights.

As part of the logistical process, the quality of training and support a new employee receives during the first few weeks on the job sets the tone for his work experience throughout his stay in the company. A new staff person may have questions with his new role, I am there to help ensure his transition and provide him with adequate support consistent with the company's vision.

My responsibility is to create an open atmosphere of communication with the employees about the company's vision and operations. I believe this is essential in retaining employees and maintaining quality service. Also one of my key tasks is reviewing employee performance and that specific policies and standards are met.

I think you will find me to be a very personable and approachable individual. My skills in dealing with people and experience in worker assistance training should bring in a wealth of new ideas and energy to your firm.

I hope that you will want to meet with me soon to discuss this opportunity. You can reach me via my contact information on my resume

I look forward to an early reply.

The Employee Trainer

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sample Cover Letter for a Teacher

Dear Sir,

A teaching opportunity at your school has long been a career objective of mine. Now that I have completed 2080 hours of classroom experience as a teaching assistant at Fordham Preparatory School. I am now ready to file my application based on your requirements for the upcoming school year.

I graduated with honors at the State Women's University. I am now board certified and affiliated with the National Teacher's League. I am understanding and friendly with students of all ages, all levels. I am an expert in developing lesson plans for each student around their short or long term goals.

As an educator, I find teaching personally rewarding, I believe in helping students live their dream and that the time spent with them is invaluable.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my education and experience will be helpful to your institution. I will be contacting you tomorrow morning on phone to talk about the possibility of arranging an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

The Teacher

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Coverletter for Housekeeper and Cleaning lady

Dear Ma'am,

I am looking for a long-term job in the South District. I am an experienced Housekeeper and Cleaning lady. I have a positive attitude when it comes to household chores.

More importantly, I am:

• Hardworking
• Reliable
• Commonsense
• Trustworthy
• Honest
• Polite
• Organized type of person

My duties include but are not limited to, vacuuming and emptying of rubbish bins, hard surface floor cleaning of kitchen and toilets, bench tops, kitchen and bathroom disinfecting, cleaning windows, and washing interior of buildings and footpath. I can also do the laundry and neatly iron your family’s clothes.

If you would like to consider me to be part of your household, please write me an email at or call me – Michelle: (09)55639704

Thank you very much


Cover Letter for Online Copywriter

Dear Sir/ Ma'am,

I am very much interested in your letter writing project. I have worked as a copywriter for banner ads, landing pages and pop-ads for various websites. You may view my portfolio and resume online at

I am available for 6-8 hours of work daily and on a per project basis for writing assignments like interviews and research.

If you have questions, I may be reached at 555-20556 or through skype.

I look forward to your response.

Thank you very much,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cover letter for Aerospace Engineer

Dear Sir,

I am writing to present my credentials for your employment as an Aerospace Engineer. My previous school experience, educational background, and strong programming, organizational and research skills make me an ideal candidate for this role.

Your company has an excellent reputation , and my skills, abilities, and desire to excel will make me an asset to this employment. When I began my studies, it jump started my dream to work in the very advance and progressive aerospace industry. In May, I received a Master Degree of Aerospace Engineering (five years) from the University of Sicily.

During my studies, I passed the exam of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) with maximum score 30/30 and I wrote also a subroutine about “SHOCK TUBE PROBLEM: THE 2-D RIEMANN PROBLEM FOR THE COMPRESSIBLE EULER EQUATIONS”.

I have extensive knowledge in Visual Basic Software Development for Engineering applications. My experience includes working as a thesis assistant with my thesis teacher at University of Sicily, where I created a wide variety of programs that were both easy to use and error free.

Further on, I gained experience in strategic and strike warfare systems while working at Prime Lab, a warfare designs systems company based in Belgrade. I have knowledge of surface ship combat systems architecture development, systems engineering, war fighting assessment, combat systems, battle group interoperability or force systems architecture.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you how my capabilities and personal qualities may be of benefit to your organization. I am available for interview as I am in the USA on a three month visit, you may reach me at 555-2525.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Applicant for Aeronautics

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