Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cover Letter for Bowling Center Attendant

A sample Cover Letter for Bowling alley staff. If you have plans applying for a bowling job at a local bowling center, this is the useful cover letter for you.

Dear Bowling Center Manager,

My name is Carrie Anne Robbins. I am friendly, hardworking and a customer-oriented individual. I'm a very good hostess and server at events. I feel I am a perfect fit for this job as I have previous experience working at a bowling alley as a bowling center attendant. Of which, I maintained the cleanliness and integrity of around 60 bowling lanes which includes operating the lane oiler machine. I also troubleshoot any stuck pins, pin resets, ball returns, pin sweeps stuck and pins stuck in lane gutters. I have experience with computerized scoring systems where customers can approach me with any logging or scoring corrections. I am also responsible in promoting center functions, bowling tournaments, memberships, and special events. I also take I take food orders from bowlers and use the POS machines for credit card payments.

I enjoy the challenges that come in working at a bowling facility. I’d like the opportunity to tell you in person about my skills and experiences which could contribute greatly to the success of your business. You may reach me at 555-992-772 anytime.

Thank you very much.


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