Saturday, September 26, 2015

Reply to Job Applicant about Job Application Status

After submitting your job cover letter and work resume, you can expect a reply from human resources along this line:

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in our company. We are overwhelmed by the number of CVs and portfolios that we have received from our job fair at Duke University.

We are in the process of screening all the CVs for our internship program. Besides interns, we are also accepting applications for mail runners until November 2015.

We will get in touch with the shortlisted applicants soon for the final set of interviews.

Thank you very much.

Best of luck,
Human Resources

Friday, August 21, 2015

How to Explain Long Work Gap in Employment Cover Letter

How do you explain work gaps in your professional career. Like if you took a few months or years off the job? Sometimes being too honest can cost you the job interview - like if you simply couldn't find any work or had to quit for health reasons. Or you got married and stayed home with kids for a while. How do you narrow down explaining that long unemployment period, and how do you turn it into a golden opportunity? This cover letter is worth a try and customize if you must:

Dear HR Manager,


I am writing to express my earnest intention in applying as a Marketing Officer of your company. As you can see from my resume, I am a college graduate with the required qualifications for this position. In addition to this, I also have a strong work track record in online marketing. In my last employment, I was responsible for directing a sales team, which reached its primarily goal of growth sales within its first year.

In addition to my degree, I am also knowledgeable with different softwares such as Adobe in-design, using SaaS CRM and Microsoft office tools. I am a self-starter with good written communications skills.

Having said that, you may notice a period of which I was not actively employed by a corporation. During this time, I pursued other entrepreneurial interests that have strengthened my decision and management skills. I even underwent a training program. I took part in a non-profit organization which helped the homeless integrate back into society. My time at this local organization as a Coordinator tested my endurance, problem analysis and people skills to the extreme on a day-to-day basis. It was good training either way. I was able to run a small community profit-sharing business, doing budget allocations and grassroots marketing, as part of this period. Now I bring these notable troubleshooting skills to the table, which I believe will be beneficial to your company.

I may not have the traditional consecutive number of work experience years as the other applicants, but I bring with me a solid, disciplined work ethic and a true passion for marketing. I would be interested in discussing with you how these skills, can make a difference to your organization. I am hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank you very much.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cover Letter for Factory Manager: Plant Operations and Plant Supervisor

Dear Sir,

I have the utmost desire to join your thriving and conscientious business known for its sustainability and quality products. I have six years experience in Inventory Management and an excellent record on plant operations. My experience has allowed me to manage daily teams on the production floor, increasing production yield of 50 tons of  product per hour while logging in a hundred accident-free hours. As a production manager, I am knowlegeable in OSHA, EPA, MSHA regulations.

I am highly-motivated, hands-on professional that can assure you of optimum plant management performance with cost-effectiveness and high industry compliance in mind.

Shoul your organization need an individual of my potential, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you. Feel free to call me at my number.



Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sample Letter Introducing Yourself as a Nanny

Dear Ma'am,

I am Yuna Lanesworth. I saw your ad at the Sunshine Daycare looking for a stay-in Nanny for your toddler. As you've heard the Marsdale family are moving to Van Nuys, and I've worked for them as a full-time nanny for 5 years now.

Unfortunately, I am not moving out with this wonderful family as they make a new life in Van Nuys, as you may understand, I grew up here in this neighborhood and I have no plans of relocating. I have been a Catalina resident for over 26 years now.

I'm still looking after their eldest Daniel until the end of the month, which is their final week here. Mrs. Gemma Marsdale will welcome any call from you with regards to my care and duties as a nanny. I also have have other references which includes Teacher Maria from Sunshine Daycare. If you have any questions or concerns, I would welcome an interview and gladly answer them over coffee.

Thank you,

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cover Letter for College Graduate Seeking Assistant Position

Dear Mr. Lewis,

I am writing this letter in response to the job posting on your website for the Assistant position. I recently graduated from Swansea University with a degree in Management and minor in Accountancy. Having said that, I may not be as experienced as the other applicants but I bring with me notable skills which I believe will be beneficial to the company. During my college years, I was one of the few students selected to undergo a rigorous internship program under the Swansea Business Scholars programme and on my senior year, I was given the collegiate entrepreneur award for my performance. These experiences have particularly helped me improve on my time management and problem solving skills.

With this, I would like to express my intention in applying for your company. I am highly confident that I will gain much hands-on exposure especially in the area of marketing and office management. Please see attached files for my CV, transcript of records and recent 2x2 photo.

I am hoping to hear from you soon.

Thank you very much.

Gemma Neuman

Monday, March 16, 2015

Cover Letter for Drywall Painter

Hello Home Repair Services,

My name is Dave Reese and I am a Professional Drywall Painter. I worked on a house a few weeks back with Pat McHale of Plumbers on Duty and he gave me a heads up that you need a new drywall paint and repair guy.

I have made a living the last 4 years patching and sealing holes in drywalls, doing various interior & exterior painting jobs in the VC area. Personally I'm all about quality when working with different surfaces and creating custom finishes. I know my paint and primers well, and use sprayers and brushes appropriately. I have good distance and color vision. I can carry heavy loads and I have a driver's license. If you need an extra man on the team, do give me a call.

Larry Bosch

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cover Letter for Dishwasher on Cruise Ship

Dear Miss Jenkins,

I learned about your opening for a shipboard Dishwasher, I am forwarding my resume for your review and consideration.

Since 2012, I have worked as a Dishwasher and Kitchen Utility Staff. I maintain proper operation of industrial dish washing machine and mindfully practice Clean-As-You-Go procedures throughout all shifts.I handle the stack and store inventory of all dish wares, glassware, silverware and cooking utensils (including breakages and restock requests). I am a capable, take-charge individual when it comes to my duties and I have the initiative to assist other stations whenever possible. I am confident that I would be a strong member in your cruise ship kitchen staff.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you for an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Very Truly Yours,
Henrik Mansel

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Thank You Letter After Getting Hired

When you finally get accepted for a job, saying your Thank Yous will still open doors for future opportunities.


Dear Miss Crichlow,

I want you to be among the first to know that my job search has come to a very successful conclusion. I have accepted the position of Marketing Associate at the South Hilton.

I appreciate all the help and support you have provided over the last several months. It has made the job search process  much easier for me. I look forward to staying in contact with you. Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you in the future.

Thank you.

Lou Letts

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