Monday, March 16, 2015

Cover Letter for Drywall Painter

Hello Home Repair Services,

My name is Dave Reese and I am a Professional Drywall Painter. I worked on a house a few weeks back with Pat McHale of Plumbers on Duty and he gave me a heads up that you need a new drywall paint and repair guy.

I have made a living the last 4 years patching and sealing holes in drywalls, doing various interior & exterior painting jobs in the VC area. Personally I'm all about quality when working with different surfaces and creating custom finishes. I know my paint and primers well, and use sprayers and brushes appropriately. I have good distance and color vision. I can carry heavy loads and I have a driver's license. If you need an extra man on the team, do give me a call.

Larry Bosch

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