Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cover Letter for Marketing Liaison

Dear Mr. Kemp:

You may find very few candidates in the San Diego area with a background in media liaison,
marketing and communications such as mine. This fact enables me to offer your company a breadth of experience.

As you’ll see on the enclosed resume, the experience which I have gained in corporate
communications, marketing and customer service will prove beneficial to your company. I have worked as a Corporate Communications Assistant for Avida Press for over 5 years handling the annual MarketPro Conference in Denver and Ontario. I am a seasoned PRO who needs little or no training, I can deliver on deadlines and quarterly targets successfully under pressure. Moreover, I am reliable, organized and personable while working with a wide range of personalities. As required in your job ad, my salary grade is in the $25.00 per hour which equals the average industry rate for someone of my experience.

I look forward to hearing from your office and I hope that we can schedule a meeting very soon.

Patricia Sands
Professional Marketing Liaison

Monday, August 15, 2011

Return to Work Cover Letter for Mom with School Kids

A mom's cover letter vying for a return-to-work job as a retail sales specialist

Dear Ma'am,

I'm Helena Rossenberg, I'm 25 years-old and a graduate of University of Missouri with a degree in Communications. I have been a full-time mom for the last 3 years and now that my kids are in school, I'm very much ready to seek employment.

I read your ad at jobsdaily news and I got really interested in the retail positions described. I have previous professional sales experience in Store sales at Delby's when I worked as a Retail consultant during my college years. Being a stay-at-home mom didn't stop me from pursuing a sales job, for the last two years I have been an online sales and marketing specialist for, a flower and honey farm that sells organic products online.

With the new Uptown Mall opening very soon, I'm very interested to be part of your sales team, I'm eager to learn the ropes of retail management and inventory. I do take directions well and I'm really dedicated and hardworking. I'm ready to start work any time, I'm not sure what position would be suitable for me at your store so I'm sending you my resume.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you so much and have a good day!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nanny for Newborn Cover Letter

Taking care of infants require specialized care, if this is your expertise then this cover letter is for you

Dear Mrs. Morrison,

Let me take care of your little one. I am a very gentle, loving and experienced caregiver. I am mindful of the needs of a newborn baby. I am very precise when it comes to feeding and nursing times. I am meticulous in handling medication, preparing milk formula or keeping tabs on dates of stored breast milk. I strictly follow household and newborn care rules you have in place; I am used to working shifts and long hours caring for an infant. I can also do light housework during the baby's nap times such as sterilizing milk bottles and keeping the nursery clean and organized. I am healthy, energetic and a non-smoker.

If you feel my skills suit your baby care needs, please give me a call at 555-8874. I look forward to hearing from you.

Infant Caregiver

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