Monday, December 1, 2014

Cover Letter for Transcriptionist

Dear HR Manager,

I saw your ad and am very interested in applying for the position of Transcriptionist. I am currently employed as a Transcript Specialist at Media Insider News. I have done general transcriptions, mostly interviews, conference calls, seminars, and court hearings and sermons. I’ been doing transcription jobs since 2010. My usual TAT for a 10-min audio file is one (1) hour. I am open to address any queries that you may have regarding my application.

Thank you,


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cover Letter for Manufacturing Marketing Specialist

Dear Hiring Manager,

If you are seeking someone with the work ethic of an industry professional, then I am your top choice for Senior Manufacturing Marketing Specialist for MassMarket Foods Inc.

I fully understand the complexities of entering the food and packaging industry in China. As more and more foreign-owned companies want to adapt their strategies to local market conditions in China without alienating cultural sensitivities. I can push for a more cultural approach with the right market fit, I can be that strategic partner to establish your presence in China. I also have Six-Sigma certification and putting such Six-Sigma methods in ISO and quality into full use in all production activities.

If I sound like the person you need at  MassMarket Foods Inc, then contact me right away to discuss the opportunity. I will take the liberty of contacting you on Monday at 10am to briefly screen my qualifications and arrange our interview.

Your Truly,

Cagney Wallace

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