Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sample Cover Letter for Grocery Bagger

Dear Human Resources Officer,

I am interested to take on a job as a Grocery Bagger at your deluxe supermarket chain. I have previous experience as a Retail Bagger for six months at RedWest Organic Foods.

As you will notice in my resume, I am customer-oriented with a cheerful disposition in greeting customers. I am quick to bag up items appropriately and safely. I am mindful of properly bagging frozen or cold foods together and double bagging disinfectants or cleansers away from sensitive food items such a bread or produce. I also know how to handle and package fragile items such as eggs and glasswares.  Aftewards, I assist customers in carrying their groceries or carts to the parking lot. I also make sure that the parking lot are free of carts and any debris that may disrupt parking lot operations.

I am hardworking, enthusiastic and physically fit for loading and unloading work. I believe I am a good candidate for this position, and I look forward in hearing from you soon.

Todd Goosewalt

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