Friday, November 11, 2011

Cover Letter for Waiting Staff

Dear Restaurant Manager,

I am Lou Anne Briggs. I am a highly-driven individual with a genuine desire to deliver the best hospitality and customer service. I have worked as a fine dining waitress for the last 3 years mainly at Strauss Elixir Restaurant. I am known by my pleasant demeanor, patience and my big smile. I am used to a fast-paced working environment, I have no problem explaining and answering menu questions from hungry patrons. As for juggling food orders, I have a very good memory. I am very much hands-on and I have adequate knowledge of food handling and kitchen skills.

I consider being part of the waiting staff as a personal commitment to my on-going training and career development in the competitive world of the Food and Beverage industry. I believe there are diverse opportunities available for me in an esteemed establishment such as yours.

I am looking forward for an interview. Please do give me a call anytime at 55507873.

Sincerely yours,
Lou Anne Briggs

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