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Best Cover letter for Nanny or Babysitter

How to write a cover letter as a babysitter effectively outlining your skills in child care and your passion for children. Below is a sample letter for a potential nanny:

Dear Ma'am,

My name is Janice Sioux. I am a responsible, capable and reliable person seeking a job as a nanny. I am fit, a non-smoker, energetic and self-motivated. I really enjoy working with children as their simple approach to every day life intrigues me and offers me a chance to learn from them.

I am available for three weeks starting June 1st as the family I currently work for are going to Europe. I am open to as many or as little hours available. I offer flexible rates for families. I am very experienced with Newborn and babies. I can also handle older children ages 3-12 years old.

I believe it would be best to meet you and your family in person so you may assess my nanny skills. Attach is my resume and certificates for your review.

Thank you and I hope you would consider me as a suitable candidate to take care of your children.


Cover Letter for Bricklayer or Construction Job

Dear Sir,

I am looking for work as a Bricklayer and I've heard your employment agency is looking to fill in several construction jobs in the city.

I am Arthur Pope, I am 26 years old with ten years experience in various construction jobs. My main expertise is brick layering, but I also do labouring, pipelaying and general handyman work. I am fully qualified, and I also have the proper safety gear for the job.

Please call me at 033 1126 9071 or email me I will accept any job offer given.

Best Regards,

Cover Letter for Computational Fluid Dynamic Engineer

A profession-specific cover letter for a very technical job

Dear Sir,

Jonathan Amherst emailed me about your upcoming building simulation and render project that would require several Simulation Engineers on board. I maybe the right person for the job. Attached is my detailed resume and CV for your review.

I am a freelance CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) engineer. I have more than 10 years experiences in broad range of CFD simulation including building fire and smoke simulation, air + particle flow, and environmental flow. My simulations results are always used in the design process for many applications such as Fire safety in building, pollution control, air conditioning system, and product design.

If my skills interests you, please give me a call at 555-5555. It would be best to meet with you and discuss your blueprint requirements.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Best Regards,
James DiFranco

Coverletter for Graphic Designer Applying in the Video Game Industry

Dear Sir:
I am Todd Benett and I am equipped with over 7 years experience in graphic design. I have spent the past years working for well-known design and media companies in the Bay area.

My experience in design packages include Adobe CS4 (PhotoShop), InDesign, Quark and Illustrator all at Advanced Levels and Flash at more of a basic level. I am also a very keen typeface designer. My creative interests include Photography, Typography and Advertising. My portfolio can be viewed at

I would be more than pleased to gain more experience or knowledge in game industry design which your company specializes in. I am very interested in the design training you've mentioned in your job ad.

Please do contact me if you have any part-time/contract work in your company. I am legal to work in Australia and I am available to start immediately.

Thank you very much


Sample Cover Letter for Video Editor

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to apply for the Video Editor as advertised in As requested, I am attaching my updated resume for your reference.

I find the opportunity presented in your job ad very interesting, I believe that my technical know-how will make me a very competitive candidate for this position.

The key strengths that I possess for success in this position include:
• Key knowledge of various video editing software- Avid and Final Cut Pro
• Proficiency in digitizing and transferring video in various tape formats - betacam, HD tapes, miniDV, in both PAL and NTSC.
• Provide exceptional service for all clients who would like one-on-one editing sessions in the editing room

For over 4 years now, I have developed a keen understanding of the life cycle of video editing. I’m also a team player and always open for suggestions from my team.
Please see my resume and demo reel for additional information on my experience. As stated in your job ad, my expected salary per month is $1,500.00.

I can be reached anytime via my cell phone, 0904-555-5555 and also my email address

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.

Sean Pennsicola

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