Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sample Cover Letter for Cruise Ship Staff

Jobs in the Cruise or luxury liner industry have contracts that span an average of 6-8 months. You will spend the whole duration at sea and some few hours on port when allowed. After the contract, its totally up to you if you want to pursue another contract. Technically, you don't have to work throughout the year, just a few months of hard work then you can take a good vacation.

Here is an effective sample cover letter for applying for a job at a Cruise ship:

Dear Cruise Director,

Due to my combined interest in travel and working with people of all kinds in an engaging, unconventional environment. I am seeking a cruise staff position in your luxury liner franchise.

My personality and skills are well-suited to this line of work as noted in my attached resume. I have many years of successful experience mainly with tourism companies specializing in Maritime Leisure & Entertainment and Food & Beverage services.

I would like to point out my strengths that are most relevant to the cruise service industry:
• Attentive to Galley service details and adept at pro-active on-site problem resolution
• Excellent leadership skills with proven ability to train and motivate front-line team
• Personable, enthusiastic and conversant in 5 languages (English, French, German, Mandarin, Spanish)

I am 32 years old, in good health and avaiable for an extended cruise commitment.

I would look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. I can be reached at 355-20081 or via email

Maria Queenie Santori
Luxury Cruise Ship Specialist
Onboard and OnCall Cabin Crew

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cover Letters for a Teenager seeking a Neighborhood Job

Getting your first job at the neighborhood? Trying to earn extra after school, then a personal cover letter to the employer might be a good idea.

Dear Sir,

I am Andy, I'm thirteen and I would like to apply as a shop clerk at your convenience store. You know my parents as Mindy & Roy from Mulberry Street, I also work as the newspaper boy in the morning.

I hope you would try me out for a week. I am responsible and hardworking. My parents are aware that I take on jobs after school hours. Mainly I would like to save up for my college tuition and its never a bad idea to start early.

I hope you would consider me.

John Michaels

Sample Cover Letter Translator and Linguist

Highlight not just your language skills, but your interest in global culture and travel with effective cover letter.

Dear Media Attache,

Bonjour! Buenos diás! Guten Tag! Good day!

In response to your ad on the Skill Space Examiner published on December 13, I am enclosing my resume for your consideration.

I was particularly attracted to your position because of my interest in international affairs and travel, and the opportunity to use my language skills in a global environment.

As you will notice in my resume, I have an excellent command of the following languages: French, German, Spanish and English . I am also highly proficient in business Nihonggo and writing in Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

I am of multi-racial and ethnic descent which throughout my life has allowed me to immerse in various cultures. My work experience also reflects my versatility as a translator for visiting UN delegates on important humanitarian and diplomatic missions.

I believe I would be a good candidate for the position of Translator and French Teacher in your International Business school, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kurt Krungthep-Messiermeaux

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cover Letter for Dog Walker

A sample cover letter for a job in the pet care industry.

Dear Dog Owner,

I am Jurvis Tufts, I am 20 years-old and a 10 year resident of San Bernardino. I am very much known as the neighborhood Dog walker for several years now. I am applying for the Dog Walker job you posted at the Supermarket bulletin board.

I am not hard to miss on mornings, one may find me on one of my daily routines walking several canines in front of Pope street or on route to the vet for 10am check-ups. As a true dog lover, I have two dog companions - a Labrador and a Mastiff which I very much love and care for. I am very passionate about animals in general (cats, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, fish) and I do my share of volunteer work at the Animal Welfare and Rescue Center at the Community Center.

My main tasks have always been taking pets for walks, playing fetch, feeding, cleaning up after and hydrating pets after long walks. My walk hours are always consistent regardless of undesirable weather patterns. On cold days, I take the dogs to the Rescue center gym where animals are allowed areas for indoor exercises. I am providing such a service as an option during winter time.

My rates are $50 per week, morning and afternoon walks. If my dog walking services interests you, please give me a call at 555-2555. I can also provide references from other pet owners.

It would be a pleasure to meet you and your pet and discuss any dog walking concerns you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Cover Letter for Pet Sitter

Convincing the pet owner to entrust their precious pooch or kitty can be a real hard task up front. Here's a sample cover letter expressing your honest desire to care for pets.

Hello Pet Owner,

My name is Britney and I am a reliable Pet Sitter. I have adequate experience caring for dogs- large breeds, lap dogs and show dogs. I have received a training certificate from a local dog show breeder specializing in Best-in-Show Poodles. I also volunteer my free hours at a local animal shelter.

I am also capable of handling dogs with special needs which may concern their diet like managing low-shed nutrition meals, vitamins and protein supplements. I also do full service grooming- trims, dematting, wash & brush for proper coat care.

I walk dogs on mornings or on their fixed potty schedules and I responsibly clean up after them (Poop & Scoop) which your neighbors would appreciate.

I am enthusiastic and hard working. I live in the South area, but I can also take jobs up North which would take a 15 minute ride via train.

I am available on weekdays at $20 per hour plus a basic fee of $30 per dog to care for. I can also arrange outdoor weekend walks for your pet (price depends on time and place) and also keep veterinary appointments on schedule.

You may also refer my petsitting services to your friends, so you may avail of my discount rates.

If you're interested to get the best sitter for your pet, please call me at 999-5555.

Thank you

Tandy the Pet Groomer

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