Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cover Letter for Motor Vehicle Technician

Hello Ms. Stilton,

I've seen your job posting at the employment office for Motor Vehicle Technicians, and if the hiring for such a skilled mechanic is urgent, I'm willing to come for an interview at your shop and show you what I can do with busted engines and various repairs. Also I'm willing to submit all my requirements required for this job, I am a documented worker with the proper permits and identification. I have a full driving licence and a passion for great customer service. You may contact me at my number 555-13244.

Thank you,

Reply to Applicant: Schedule of Phone Interview

Dear Applicant,

Nice to e-meet you, my name is Miranda and I am the recruiting coordinator for WorkBusy Inc.

We would like to arrange for a 15-minute phone interview with the senior hiring manager in your area. Please advise us of your available schedule this week? Evening hours is preferred. Please let me know soonest.

Warmest Regards,

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Reply to Job Applicant Cover Letter and Resume

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for sending your cover letter and resume. We are actually looking for someone full time and I feel you are quite qualified. If you are open to doing this job full time at the Bay Area, please let me know and I will have our HR schedule an interview with you.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cover Letter for Caregiver for Kuwait - Visa Renewal Middle East

Good day Ma'am,

I am Louise Martin, 26 years old. I just wanted to apply for the position of a Caregiver. I graduated Intensive Caregiving NC2 last 2016. At the moment, I am still employed as a babysitter in Kuwait, and since my contract will soon to end this April 2017, my employer has advised me to start searching for another job before my visa expires. My employer is sadly migrating to the United Kingdom and cannot bring me with them. You can contact my employer in Kuwait for reference of my hands-on abilities in child and elderly care at +96555 5569.

Hiring me before my end of contract in Kuwait, will save you from the usual expensive visa processing fees, all you will need to put up are the renewal fees for my visa and provide me with a new job contract..

I am very hardworking and patient. I am very good with children, and I can be a very positive companion and carer for the elderly as well. I can also cook special diets the patient needs and can thoroughly look after their hygiene and personal care (from monitoring blood sugar levels, blood pressure, daily meals and routine, bedsore care).

You can contact me directly in my phone number in Kuwait +96555 5569 for an interview.

Thank you,

Turning Down a Job Applicant Letter

Dear Job Candidate,

I am impressed by your qualifications and normally I would immediately invite candidates like you for an interview. Sadly, we have recently just closed the job position.

I will notify you in the future if there are changes in our team that opens up an opportunity for you. Thank you for your interest in joining our company.

Human Resources Officer

Monday, February 13, 2017

Cover Letter for Waitress

Good Day Sir,

I'm Daisy Lee and I'm a banquet hostess. I'm looking for a job opportunity in the East West area. I graduated with a degree in Hospitality management. I'm currently working as a receptionist and server at a fine dining restaurant in Lussex called Bleu Belle.

I'm looking to apply to your retail chain. What are the requirements needed ?

You can call me to this number 09289477919.

Thank you,

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cover Letter for Hotel and Restaurant Management Applicant via Job Agency

Dear Sir,

I am a graduate of a 4 year course in Hotel and Restaurant Management. With 5 years relevant experience as a Culinary Consultant specializing in Retail Fine-Dining in the hospitality industry. I have also 2 years experience in customer service. I've heard a hotel & casino will be opening in a few months in the South Area and the hiring account falls under your agency. Would there be a chance that a vacancy for a Culinary Consultant might open up? If so, I hope you would consider me in your pool of applicants.

I may be reached via email and 555-8827.

Thank you
Sandra Goodman

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