Monday, March 14, 2011

Sample Cover Letter for Gas Station Attendant

Sample Cover Letter for Gas Station Attendant, Gas Station Service Staff, Gas girl, Gas Store Crew

Dear Nation Oil & Gas Manager,

I am Ruby from Winnipeg, I am currently working in Dunsville as a Gas Station Attendant. I started as a Full service Gas Station Clerk almost 3 years ago. I am very dedicated and punctual when it comes to my working hours.

I am responsible for ensuring that gas dispensers are operating smoothly as I assist customers in pumping gasoline, checking oil and tires. I also serve as an on-duty cashier, receiving cash or card payments for gas, petrol, oil, and cigarettes purchased by customers. Onsite, I provide great customer service for travelers and motorists.

I have the required Fuel Interface POS Certification and basic training on Safety and proper use of a Fire Extinguisher. I am used to the fast-paced working environment of a gas station, I can work independently and efficiently.

I am hoping for an interview as soon as possible, you may call me at 555-2672 anytime, I am more than happy to meet your job requirements. Hoping to be part of your team!


Ruby Roth

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Its a nice one..

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