Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Working with Children Cover Letter

A cover letter for a professional caregiver for children, lived-in baby sitter or nanny.

Dear Mrs. Dale,

As a nanny and infant caregiver who has worked for 3 years in a daycare center, I know how very particular parents are about who watches over their children. I understand that caring for a child is a huge responsibility and placing one in my care means a loving parent is placing a huge amount of trust in me. It is something I am honored to do, I am very motherly and I love taking care of children. People know me as a trustworthy, reliable person.

I am a multi-tasker. You can rely on me to do a number of duties within the household. I can also teach personal care routines to a child: brushing teeth, combing hair, trimming nails and dressing properly. I am very patient when it comes to children.

I am seeking long-term commitment with a family. I am very discreet, professional and well-mannered. I have a driver's license and underwent CPR and First-Aid training. I am healthy and of sound mind. Still, I am open to any health testing or screening you may require prior to working in your household.

I have full previous employment references that you can also verify. You may contact me at 555-8970 for an interview. I am very open to meeting you to discuss any concerns you may have.


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