Sunday, January 17, 2016

Cover Letter for Nurse: Inquiring about Job Vacancy at Hospital

Are you a seasoned nursing professional looking for a cover letter suited to your hospital position. Maybe this is the nursing cover letter for you:

Dear Hospital Human Resources Manager,

My name is Georgia Monroe, a colleague of mine informed me that you are currently understaffed and looking into hiring experienced nurses.

I have worked in the Intensive Care Unit  for 5 years as a head nurse in the emergency ward and as a rotating supervisor.

make timely decisions that directly impact patient care, ensure timely and effective communication and collaboration among departments, and provide operational oversight throughout the hospital.

My presence as a rotating supervisor required on-site coordination, I often handled crisis situations and management of patient/staff cases to minimize any disruption of services and emergency action procedures.I was in charge of reviewing treatment sheets, ensuring signatures and patient entries are completed and fully documented.

I have a bachelor's degree in nursing and I have acquired units in masters in administrative nursing at Saint Patrick's School of Medicine. I have a strong interest to work in hospitals near the South area.

Please let me know if there are staff vacancies for ER nurses over there.

Thank you very much


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