Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cover Letter for Social Worker and Counsellor

A sample Cover Letter for a Social Worker or Counsellor working in the field of psychology particularly in treatment centers, social welfare departments and rehabilitation medicine. 

Dear Sir,  

I am a highly-driven and talented young professional seeking a position in the Des Moines area that offers opportunities for advancement and growth in my career. I currently hold a Master of Arts degree in Communications from Crenshaw University and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Maryknoll College. 

I have worked in the field of social advocacy and counseling in a community and clinical setting. My experience at counselling centers and treatment facilities has allowed me to build knowledge of physical, emotional and psycho-social needs of the Des Moines community.  

Furthermore, I have spearheaded case evaluations, psychological profiles and treatment planning for patients and their families under the city's counselling program. My extensive experience includes mitigating the needs of the homeless under the welfare service, handling registry for adult sex offenders and monitoring their succeeding outpatient mental health treatment. During these experiences, I have learned the importance of strategic planning, policy development while in close collaboration with health care providers, respecting agency regulations to ensure services associated with outpatient care are approved regularly. 

Besides the experience listed on my enclosed resume, I enjoy working with people and I am known for continually putting forth effort to go beyond expectations when it comes to service, timeliness and accuracy. I am proficient in operating computers, working independently and communicating with a team. I am also encouraged by the possibility of continuing my career, living and working in the Des Moines area which has been truly my home. I believe that my variety of skills has prepared me to excel in the field of social advocacy and rehabilitation medicine. I hope to hear from a member of your organization with regards to opportunities for counseling professionals. 

Martha Seastress

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