Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cover Letter Supermarket Cashier

A sample cover letter for a retail checker, cashier or store clerk. Being accountable for money and operating the store's cash register is a huge responsibility, so be proud of your skills as you are the most integral employee in retail operations.

Dear Store Manager,

In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced supermarket, retail companies need accurate, alert and courteous Supermarket Cashiers to meet their daily sales demand. I am certain I can contribute this level of performance as part of your front-end sales staff, and I invite you to consider my qualifications:

Knowledge in retail procedures. Weighing, price tagging, pricing and scanning items. Verifying personal identifications during the sales of regulated products such as tobacco, pharmaceuticals and alcohol.

Handling  the store register. Tasks includes input of purchase items into register, voiding items incorrectly scanned and deducting item's amount from total bill  replacing cash register tape, executing procedures in credit card and debit card purchases, inspecting and tracking money and tender.

Experience in supermarket store operations. Responsibilities are removing security tags on items purchased by customer, properly packing fragile items and handling discrepancies in price or payment.

Providing Excellent Customer Service. I am a highly energetic and motivated individual who thrives in a challenging environment.

In addition, I have good math skills and solid decision-making capabilities that can make an immediate contribution to your retail operations. My resume is enclosed for your review and I have references available upon request.

I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you regarding any cashier positions available in your county franchise.

Bertha Pinkus

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Anonymous said...

awesome work!

Check it Out!

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