Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cover Letter Pet Store Staff

Seeking work in a pet shop as retail pet store clerk? This cover letter summarizes what skills you need to present as a retail store specialist and as an animal lover.

Dear Miss Perry,

I would like to apply for the Pet Store Staff position in one of your pet shop franchise stores.

I have been working in the retail industry since 2005 and I believe that my exposure to this field has given me the versatility, patience and skills to deal with customers. I am a fast learner when it comes to manning inventory, stock and updating the merchandise.

People know me as an animal enthusiast and given my love for such creatures, I know how to care for small pets- hamsters, gerbils, mice, birds and fishes. I am aware of feeding times, dietary requirements and the proper handling of such animals. I can also manage large animals such as dogs, cats and horses. Likewise, I have previously worked as a dog walker and assistant pet groomer in a Dog & Cat Salon at the North Bay Mall.

I am willing to volunteer a day of my time at your pet store to prove my capacity to work for your company.

Please give me a call at 555-9283-4408 if my offer and skills interests you. Looking forward to your reply.

Truly yours,
Tiffany Nugent

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