Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cover Letter for Assistant Golf Professional

A sample Cover Letter for a Golf Industry Professional

Dear Sir:

While working at the Nevada White Yacht Club, I became acquainted with Jacob Saunders, a golf enthusiast from your organization which I have assisted during his stay at the country club. At this time, I am actively pursuing opportunities in the golf industry and I've heard about your openings at the newly acquired Los Palmas Golf & Country Club.

I am a seasoned Assistant Golf Professional who is passionate about the sport. I manage the daily golf operations at the country club which includes player registration, events and tournaments. I prepare for all golf outings including coordinating scorecards, cart signs, rules sheets, score sheets, format sheets, pairing sheets and hole assignments.

In addition, I handle promotions, merchandising and marketing initiatives, managing the final leg of the recent Amstatt Tours. I also provide golf instruction for members and serve as a player's assistant when needed. I have experience with various computerized POS, reservation and tournament software systems which handles members and guests billing. Best of all, I am highly motivated and detailed-oriented individual.

I have enclosed my resume which details my accomplishments as a Golf Industry Professional. Should there be needs within your organization which might benefit from my background, I would enjoy visiting you. I will follow-up with a telephone call in the upcoming week and look forward to speaking to you at that time.

James McMuff


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. It was helpful as I am applying for Landscape/Golf Internships. Do you know some more critical things to have in a cover letter and resume while you are still a student at a university? I am going into Landscape/Golf Management.

madhatter said...

As a student at a university, most recruiters understand you don't have work experience. So highlight your key skills. These may include organizational skills, event planning skills and technical skills with the computer. Best of luck!

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