Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cover Letter for Carpet Cleaner

Sample Cover Letter for Carpet Cleaner, Carpet Technician, Carpet Installer, Carpet Seamer, Tile Hardwood Carpet Expert, Carpet Handyman

Dear Ma'am,

I am Alexander Kemp and I would like to submit my resume for consideration in your hiring pool.

In the summer of May 2008, I began working as a Carpet Cleaning Technician for Dustmates Inc. This is where I received my on-the-job training and developed most of my labor know-how. My job duties include moving and setting up furniture, tearing down old carpeting, seaming and carpet installations.

I am physically capable of handling heavy loads- standing, bending, crawling for long hours. Though independent by nature, I am a reliable team member and can work well with others. In terms of productivity and performance, I feel I have never let an employer down, I have always been punctual and hardworking and I would definitely be an asset to your business.

Thank you for giving my resume a look-over, please feel free to contact me at my current address or e-mail and phone number.
I would appreciate meeting you personally to discuss my qualifications and experiences with you, at your convenience.

Thank you very much,

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