Monday, July 26, 2010

Coverletter for Restaurant Receptionist

Coverletter for Restaurant Receptionist, Customer Liasion, Guest Service Staff, Restaurant Hostess, Waitress, Frontline Service Crew, Guest Relations Officer

I am forwarding my resume in response to your Daily Tribune advertisement for a Restaurant Receptionist at the Sasuke SushiBar.

I am a reliable, energetic individual. I am service-oriented, I like greeting customers with a big smile and even under pressure, I make sure I maintain a positive attitude towards restaurant patrons. As always, I keep the guest's satisfaction in mind.

I can multi-task, work with a designated team or work independently with minimal supervision.

As my resume illustrates, I have worked in a variety of upscale restaurants across several continents.

I have 3 years of experience as a Restaurant Liasion for a French Fusion Restaurant called Bistro Le Grande in the city of Dubai. My tasks include greeting guests at the lobby, seating & table arrangements, customer reservations such as answering inquiries in person, or via phone, or thru email using a customized reservation system. I also have previous 2 years of experience as part of the Frontline staff for an exclusive member's only dining club in my hometown in Montreal, Canada and a six-month contract as a Restaurant Hostess for a Cruise ship.

As for my work history, I have finished all my work contracts without any leave or day of absence on record. I have a good professional relationship with past employers and service recruiting firms of which you may call to inquire about my work performance. Listed on my resume are my references.

The opening of the Sasuke SushiBar is a highly-anticipated event in the service industry and I would like to be part of its opening staff. I would appreciate a personal interview with the management for employment possibilities under your kind recommendation.

Sincerely yours,

Patty Lee Harper

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