Monday, April 19, 2010

Cover Letter for Marine Biologist

A sample Cover Letter for Marine Biologist, enviromentalist and ecologist. The cover letter highlights several key points: Job skills, job experience in the field, dual citizenship and extensive travel experience (exposure to various cultures).

Dear Sir,

Allow me to introduce myself:

Science has always been a great interest to me. It opens the doors to make a difference, and to work for something that would benefit the greater community. It is the main reason I selected Molecular Biology as my major in college, with a minor in Marine Biology.

As indicated on the enclosed résumé, I offer experience as an Environmentalist and Molecular Biologist- I am Charles Keith Maynard.

I easily adapt to change and welcome the opportunity of a new environment. I am an agressive quick thinker and skilled communicator, these I believe are important traits to have on field. While in Asia, part of my job was to insure the compliance of maritime vessels and coastal inhabitants with the regulations of government and UN eco-sanction policies, and while working for this advocacy, I was selected to train new environmentalists from the region and insure compliance procedures were met in a timely manner.

Most recently, I have worked at a bioresearch facility where adaptability was needed to help further the growth and emerging developments in DNA testing.

I have learned, both in school and on-the-job, the importance of models for proper acquisition of specimens. I am methodical, accurate, and precise when it comes to testing and lab procedures.

In addition, as a citizen with dual nationality (French and American), I have traveled and worked in the US, Europe and Asia. Through this, I have come to appreciate the world's diverse cultures, and it has led me to communicate efficiently and effectively with individuals of various ethnicity and customs.

If you have an opening for someone with my education and experience, I’d like to explore the possibility of employment with your organization. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you in the near future.

Charles Keith Maynard

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